Native French SEO professional’s services

Many companies are fully aware of the fact that Search Engine Marketing and Web promotion represent an economic issue. They consider critical to entrust a professional with these specific missions; someone who has a deep understanding of their corporate culture, of its business model, competitors and who can carry out an in-depth analysis of their website efficiency within a long-term and adjustable strategy.

But whenever the targeted business market originates from another country or culture, companies need to refer to a native SEO specialist because SEO is different for other languages SERP.

I offer French Seo Services (organic or pay per click search engine optimization), Web writing or Web marketing services for French websites (in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Monaco).

I am delighted to work with foreign companies or SEO, WEB agencies who are assisting their clients in having an insight into the French market or who are promoting their services, goods or helping them to gain notoriety in France, Switzerland or Monaco.

As a freelance Professional I care for the COMPANIES’ ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE ON THE WEB, I carefully keep myself updated with the best SEO practices and I am dedicated to reach their WEB MARKETING OBJECTIVES.

Based on the French Riviera, I work mainly with email, phone and videoconference like skype, however, I am willing to travel abroad whenever necessary.
I can help Foreign companies to develop e-business on the Cote D’Azur and throughout France by optimizing their websites and obtaining targeted visitors on their French business sector.

Advantages of outsourcing to a dedicated native French SEO specialist:

  • a native French SEO professional immersed into the French culture, economic and social situation represents an asset to reflect an up-to-date strategic positioning. In addition, business practices vary from one country to another and an accurate cultural approach is essential.
  • I am fluent in English (written and spoken) and I can liaise efficiently with your internal Web Marketing or IT/SEO Department.
  • I can work with more responsiveness and flexibility than an agency and be 100% committed to your projects.
  • I can collaborate on a regular, flexible and customized basis and if necessary within an exclusive time slot or I can be totally dedicated to your company, for a short or long term.
  • I am registered as a self-employed in France however having worked for several years in Ireland and UK, I have a National Insurance Number which may facilitate other contractual options within these countries.

My professional background

French SEO : Optimize your website for the French market




As a professional web writer, I can help you to create an effective quality content for French websites, with efficient keywords for SEO, and a unique content relevant to your Business sector :
• Editorial content,
• Newsletters,
• Article writing in French language,
• Targeted e-mail marketing campaign,
• Social medias (facebook, twitter, google +, bing…etc)


As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist (natural SEO), I can assist foreign companies in promoting their businesses efficiently on the French market and help them to run successful online marketing campaign :

French keyword research and analysis : identification of long-tail keywords, detailed keyword list and key phrases relevant to businesses field for a qualified traffic, search for highly competitive keywords according to Google’s guidelines.
Competition analysis : compilation of a list of high-ranking websites in competition for the same keywords, tailored sector competitor research with regular customized reporting, in order for companies to compare extensively and analyse the possible strengths and weaknesses of their competitors websites.
Procurement of quality French backlinks, links in topical community and link partners.
French SEO optimization in line with the latest SEO practices and standards :
• optimized titles,
• meta descriptions,
• quality content with relevant and efficient lexical field,
• keyword density,
• optimized URLs,
• optimized alt images
• anchor texts,
• sitemap,
• internal linking,
• landing pages,
• unique content according to Google Panda constraints…Etc in order to improve the Trustrank and the pagerank of the websites.

Measurement of SEO activities and performance using search engine tools, web analytics, monitoring and reporting… etc.
Assistance in identifying relevant business events and to develop tools for strategic watch and competitive intelligence in the French businesses field.